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Al-Kashaf Enterprise offers comprehensive water treatment solutions encompassing equipment, chemicals, and application services tailored for diverse industries, including pulp & paper, sugar, and alcohol/ethanol distilleries. Our proficiency extends to specialty chemicals designed for water treatment in the paper and sugar sectors, polyelectrolytes, and maintenance chemicals. We provide a range of solutions, including RO, DM, ETP, and water softening plants, along with chemical-resistant pumps and controllers. Our offerings also include high-pressure and chemicals handling pumps, DuPont membranes & resins, as well as precision instruments like flowmeters and rotameters.

Ro Plant

RO plants purify water using membrane technology, removing impurities for clean, high-quality water production.


A boiler heats and converts water into steam for heating, power generation, or industrial processes.

Cooling Tower & Chiller

Cooling tower releases heat from industrial processes; chiller cools water for air conditioning and refrigeration.

Dosing & Cooling Equipment

Dosing equipment precisely adds chemicals; cooling equipment regulates temperature for industrial processes and systems.

Our Range Of


Ro Plant Chemical
Boiler Chemical
Ro Plant
Cooling Tower Chiller Chemical
Waste Water Treatment Chemical
Multimedia Filter
Ro Filter Media
Dozing Pump
PVC Fitting
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We providing complete Water Treatment Solutions – Equipment, Chemicals & Application services.
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